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Daily Use Breastpumps
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Pump In Style Advanced is a breastpump for daily use. Specially manufactured for mothers who mainly pump while on the go. Whether you work part or full-time, the electric breastpump Pump In Style Advanced is an all-in-one solution for mothers who want to remain flexible and mobile throughout breastfeeding. In addition, the double-pump function of the breastpump will help to increase milk supply.

Proven to be the best selling double electric breastpump worldwide

Maximum efficiency: double pumping and 2-Phase Expression for maximum time saving

Always be mobile: the Pump In Style Advanced was designed for frequent use away from home

Easy to handle: all-in-one solution - perfect for transporting and cooling breastmilk

Convenience: vacuum levels can easily be set using only one button

What makes Pump In Style Advanced so unique?

The double electric breastpump has been specially developed for daily and frequent use. It allows mothers to pump while out of the house.

The practical all-in-one solution contains everything for pumping on the go: an easy-to-use breastpump, batteries, a car adapter and a complete set for storing, cooling and transporting the milk.

Thanks to the double-pump and the 2-Phase Expression Technology, pumping sessions are fast, efficient and most comfortable.

The breastpump is easy to handle and to operate. In addition, the breastpump switches automatically from the stimulation to the expression phase. If you would prefer a different setting, you can do this manually.

The soft and gentle SoftFit breastshield makes the pumping session highly comfortable.

Medela 2-phase Technology

Studies have shown that babies naturally nurse in 2-Phase expression. The Symphony breastpump have this 2-phase expression which mimics the natural sucking rhythm of baby. Symphony produces such fantastic results and comfort because it utilizes a program that closely simulates this natural two-phase feeding pattern. The Two-Phase Pumping Program consists of a Stimulation/Let-Down Phase and an Expression Phase - just like real breastfeeding

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