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Occasional Use Breastpumps
Mini Elcectric Plus Back

Single. Double pumping. On-the-go

Mini Electric Plus is a fully automatic breastpump which provides the convenience of double pumping. Ideal for expressing breastmilk occasionally when at home or on-the-go.

Tried-and-trusted: millions of mothers already express milk with the Mini Electric plus. Smooth and efficient pumping.

Individual: ideal for occasional electric pumping

Convenient: single or double pumping with adjustable suction strength

Mobile: compact design and battery operation

Medela Mini Electric Plus is a compact breast pump that provides the convenience of single or double pumping. Ideal for expressing breastmilk occasionally (Approx 4 times a day) when at home or on the go.

Medela Mini Electric Plus support single or double pumping that allows mother to express breast milk in a shorter period of time.This breast pump has gentle and efficient expression as it provides full range adjustable vacuum that allows you to adjust you to your comfort level.This breastpump is the most versatile pump on the market

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