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For Hospital Use
Symphony 1 Day Pump Set Back

Our breastpump sets have been designed so that they are easy to use and reliable. You save time and money. In hospital, each mother receives a new pump set with the breastpump. This fulfils strictest hygiene requirements and minimises the risk of breastmilk contamination.

Easy to clean and assemble
A one-day breastpump set can be used for up to eight pumping sessions within 24 hours. If a mother receives a breastpump set, she is responsible for it during this time (e.g. for cleaning and storage). Thanks to the simple design, the breastpump set is easy to clean and handle. This allows the nursing staff in the hospital to have more time for patients and other duties.

Medela has developed the Symphony One-Day Pump Set especially for use with the Symphony 2-Phase Expression Breastpump. The set contains all the specific pump parts that are needed to fulfill strict, hygiene standards such as membrane cap and protective membrane. The result: a complete system for the number one breastpump. In addition, mothers receive a disposable 150 ml breastmilk bottle for collecting, storing and feeding breastmilk.


Medela 2-Phase Technology

With the help of the University of Western Australia and our own experience, we have developed the unique 2-Phase Expression Technology, which imitates the natural sucking pattern of babies at the mother's breast. This stimulates the flow of milk, meaning that more breastmilk can be pumped in less time, a fact which studies and hospitals have confirmed.


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