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Hospital Use
Phototherapy Back

Medela has developed a Phototherapy Lamp which is ideally suited to conventional treatment of neonatal hyperbilirubinemia.

Limitation of light spread

High efficiency


Opto-electronic monitoring

Versatile swivelling and adjustment

Phototherapy Lamp: Medela Phototherapy Lamps are ideal for the successful treatment of hyperbilirubinemia using conventional phototherapy. The lamps are small, quiet, lightweight, and highly versatile.

Limitation of light spread: The lamp's specially mirrored reflector focuses light directly onto the baby. The sideways spread of light is thus limited, making the work of care staff easier, by preventing them and other babies from being disturbed by the blue light.

High efficiency: The Phototherapy Lamp's light box contains four fluorescent tubes. Blue or white light, or a mixture of both colours, can be chosen as needed; so that hospital staff can adjust treatment to suit the baby's needs best.

Space-saving construction: The Phototherapy Lamp is equipped with a strong mobile stand with antistatic rollers and two brakes, enabling it to be pushed effortlessly underneath an incubator or warming bed.

Opto-electronic monitoring: The therapeutic part of the light emitted by the blue fluorescent tubes is monitored electronically. A visual display indicates when the tubes need to be replaced.

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