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Terms and Conditions
Online Extended Warranty Terms and Conditions:
Medela reserves the rights to make any amendments on the Terms and conditions.

General information:

The extended warranty provides additional after sales coverage on the breastpump motor and normal servicing for a period of 1 year or 2 years.

This extended warranty is only available for ONLINE extended warranty registration.

Customer can either choose to purchase the extended warranty which is valid for 1 year or 2 years.

Extended warranty fully covers on normal servicing of the breastpump and the faulty of motor ONLY.

Any wear and tear of Medela breastpump accessories will not be covered in this extended warranty.

Warranty extension services are only available in Singapore.

Warranty servicing is strictly only for CARRY-IN service only at our Medela Service Centre which is located at:

81 Toh Guan Rd
#03-01 Secom centre
Singapore 608606

During the period of this extended warranty, there will be no limitations for the number of times for servicing your breastpump.

The extended warranty will commence from the date of purchase.

Extended warranty is NOT TRANSFERABLE to another party. It is only for 1 user usage.

Extended warranty is NOT REFUNDABLE.

The following documents MUST BE presented during servicing:
  • Original warranty card
  • The confirmation that is sent to your email
  • The letter that is sent out by Medela service centre with either 1 year or 2 year extended warranty stamp.
  • The invoice that is sent out by Medela Service Centre with either 1 year or 2 year extended warranty stamp.

Extended warranty is valid only when:

The product is purchase from directly from any Baby shops, Medela Service Centre and any Department stores that is authorized by Medela distributor.

The product is not repair or service by any party or service shop other then Medela Service Centre.

The model serial no. should not be defaced or removed from the products

Extended warranty is not applicable to:

Any damages cause by improper care or improper usage.
Damages cause by accident.
    -  Any water or breastmilk which gets into the breastpump motor
    -  Any Cracks which appears on any parts of the breastpump

Any defects in Breastpump accessories including:
    -  Personal Fit Breastshield and Breastshield connectors
    -  Valves and Membrane
    -  Tubings
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